Your Computer Keyboard Is Covered With Germs

By now most people know that
-the average desk surface is 5 times filthier than a toilet seat.

That’s a pretty big EWWWW factor!

Some computer keyboards are so dirty they could cause symptoms of food poisoning and other illnesses.

Have you ever been voted “dirtiest keyboard in the office”?  Besides grime and dirt, look what else is lurking on that filthy keyboard…

According to a study published by the University of Arizona’s Dr. Chuck Gerba, here are some surprising numbers:  (all germ counts per square inch)

  • Telephone: 25,127
  • Desktop: 20,961
  • Keyboard: 3,295
  • Computer mouse: 1,676
  • Toilet seat: 49

These include such nasties as e-coli, staphylococcus aureus, salmonella, coliforms, and enterobacteria.

These germs and others are responsible for more than 4 million sick days at the office, costing billions of dollars a year. 97% of office workers are concerned about germs in the workplace, and yet most employees and business owners have no idea what to do about it.

We Can Help

Have we got your attention yet? By the way, while you are browsing through this website, germs that were deposited on your keyboard up to 2 days ago are still alive and multiplying. Concerned?  We know exactly what to do!



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